Ship Seizure For Narcotics

Ship Seizure For Narcotics:

Drug seizure insurance is offered to owners or charterers of the entered vessel.

Drugs may be smuggled on board a vessel without the knowledge of the owners or the master of a ship. It has been found drugs hidden in void areas on ships, in cargo or attached to containers or the hull of the ship. This will cause delays when found in an arrival port where the local authorities will find the drugs. As a consequence the vessel will be detained and the owners or charterers may lose valuable time and money. The insurance will cover such loss of time subject to that there has been precautions taken at the previous port(s).

If the master can prove that actions have been taken at the loading port, or previous port(s), the authorities discovering the drugs on board will often be more cooperative. Therefore, the conditions of cover include a pro-active approach in such ports to prevent that anyone can put illegal drugs on board the entered vessel.

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