A U.N. sanctioned North Korean shipping company continues to evade international sanctions. Ocean Maritime Management Company Limited (OMM) continues to operate by way of foreign flagged vessels, name and company name re-registrations and other means of deceptive practices according to United Nation monitors. The U.N. security council’s panel of experts on North Korea also said the communist nation continues to export ballistic-missile technology to the Middle East and ship arms and other materials to Africa in violation of U.N. restrictions. North Korea has been under U.N. sanctions since 2006 due to its multiple nuclear tests and missile launches. The United States and China are currently in negotiation for new U.N sanctions resolution that they hope will be adopted this month. Restricting North Korean access to international ports is among the measures Washington is pushing Beijing to accept in the aftermath of Pyongyang’s January 6th nuclear test and its latest rocket launch a few weekends ago. Further restrictions of North Korean banks’ access to the international financial system is also among items being negotiated.