Protection and Indemnity

Protection and Indemnity :

Protection and indemnity also known as P&I or PANDI refers to an insurance policy that protects and financially indemnifies the insured for financial losses due to their accidental actions that injure 3rd parties involving your ship such as…

  • Collision (e.g. Your ship strikes another vessel, dock or underwater reef).
  • Financial indemnity for bodily injury caused by your vessel to non-crew members (medical expenses, loss of income, dismemberment or death).
  • Wreck removal (the cost of removing a vessel that is unable or unfit to navigate under its own propulsion & is ordered removed by a governmental agency.)

Protection and Indemnity can also include several optional coverage's such as:
  • Pollution, accidental discharge of oils, fuels, or other pollutants.
  • Cargo legal liability financially  indemnifies for accidental  loss or damage to cargo you are entrusted with.
  • Crew accident and illness provides financial reimbursement for crew both illness and accidents for disability, lost wages, dismemberment and death.
  • Fines and penalties reimburses the insured for fines and penalties levied by governmental agencies incurred by their vessel.
  • Bunker Blue Cards are for pollution on general cargo vessels and additional CLC endorsement for tankers (only required by certain countries (I.E. Panama).
  • Blue Cards for wreck removal (IE; Nairobi convention).

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