ECRC Agreement

Eastern Canada Response Corporation Ltd. (ECRC) Agreement

Eastern Canada Response Corporation Ltd. ECRC Agreement :

ECRC is certified by Transport Canada – Marine Safety, as a Response Organization under the Canada Shipping Act (CSA). As a certified Response Organization, ECRC can provide an arrangement to ships and oil-handing facilities that require an arrangement under Canadian Law.

ECRC’s headquarters are located in Ottawa, the capital city of Canada. It provides all of the administrative support for maintaining membership records and the accounting system. In addition, the senior managers in Ottawa provide input to the government agencies concerning any proposed revisions to the response organization regulations and standards under the CSA.

In order to be certified by Transport Canada – Marine Safety, ECRC is required to submit for review a response plan every three years. The plan revision process is ongoing, as response strategies change and new protocols (i.e., beach clean-up, chemical use, in-situ burning and other alternative methods) are developed. In this way, if a large-scale spill ever occurs in Canada, the regulatory agencies and ECRC will be able to move quickly to implement pre-agreed to approaches to these issues.


ECRC is a private management company, owned by several of the major Canadian oil companies, whose role is to provide marine oil spill response services, when requested, to the “responsible party”, the Canadian Coast Guard or to any other Government Lead Agency. ECRC will not assume the role of “On-Scene Commander (OSC)” but will act under the direction of the OSC to provide a plan of action, equipment, resources and operational management in the clean-up effort.

In order to have coverage under the legislation, a vessel or facility requiring an arrangement will have to register with the RO that operates in the Geographic Area of Response (GAR) through which the vessel will sail or in which the facility has its operations. For ECRC, this means signing an annual contract for the Great Lakes, Quebec or Atlantic Regions as applicable and paying a membership fee per contract. An arrangement is in place such that, companies can register with all three of the Response Organizations in Eastern Canada by submitting a combined contract to the ECRC with fee payment.

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