Ship Repairer's Liability

Ship Repairer’s Liability :

This marine policy is designed for ship repairers and provides care, custody & control for damage to vessels under repair or alteration by the Insured.

Coverage can also be added to include loss or damage to a vessel while the Insured is involved with sea trials, transit of the vessel by the Insured to/from the owner, liability of the Insured’s workmen while operating at third party locations.

This coverage is typically combined with Comprehensive Marine Liability for a complete liability program but can be written monoline if needed.

A Ship repairer needs to cover loss or damage to vessels at all times whilst in their care, custody and control including whilst being worked upon, being shifted in tow or otherwise or on trials.

The basis of cover is normally the London market wording which covers:
  • loss/damage to the vessel in the care of the Assured for the purposes of being worked upon
  • shifting and moving within the port confines, including trial trips
  • loss/damage to cargo etc. on or discharged from the vessel being subject of repair
  • loss/damage to machinery whilst removed from vessel for the purpose of being worked upon, including whilst in transit between vessel and repairers premises
  • removal of wreck
  • loss/damage to Third Party property arising from ship repairing activities
  • Sudden and accidental Seepage & Pollution.

Dependant on the location of the yard and facilities it is possible that more than one vessel could be damaged in the same accident; a common cause would be fire, which could spread to other vessels in the yard awaiting repair or re-delivery.

The basic cover afforded by the London market wording form as written does not include liability for third party bodily injury, loss of life or personal injury although cover for these exposures is available by negotiation.

Ship Repairers Liability (SRL) insurance is designed to provide cover against liabilities arising from acts of negligence which result in loss or damage to the property of others whilst being worked upon at the yard or personal injury to others whilst visiting the yard.

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